About Us


Melanie Mytych, Daughter, Founder

Kim Mytych, Mother, Managing Director


Our journey down this road started during the pandemic when my 15-year-old and I discovered comfort and escape from the craziness and uncertainty of the day in our craft haven in the basement. Soon it turned into a daily thing for us, a bit like therapy for our minds, and a way to help her through the anxiety of those uncertain times and gifted me the unprecedented opportunity to spend valuable time with my daughter. It's important to note that Melanie faces the challenges of General Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, ADHD, and Depression. I also experience and know all too well.

Fueled by my daughter's will to spread love and connection, we soon found ourselves creating small thank you gifts for front line workers and various craft items for others that just needed a pick me or a bit of sunshine in their day.  

One evening Melanie asked me if there was a way that we could do something where people could feel this way and just be happy again? I asked her to come back with a bucket list, just write down what you would want if you had a company, off she went.

A few days passed and she hands me a list.

  1. Create a project that anyone can do.
  2. Bring people together, forget about everything that is happening outside, be present and enjoy the moment and just be happy.
  3. Love what you make and be proud to display or give as a gift.
  4. Help support local businesses.
  5. Create jobs.
  6. Supply a quality product at the best price possible.
  7. Use sustainable products.
  8. Be happy and create happiness.

      As I read it my heart is full of pride with the amount of love and caring and wisdom she has, well beyond her years, but how are we ever going to do this? I have no college degree, I don’t know the first thing about owning a company, I have no money or time to spare and this scares the hell out of me.  “We got this” I said.

      After 6 months, experimenting with pretty much every craft project you can imagine, leaving me in debt and exhausted I was ready to give up with the win. Yes, a win. I spent almost every night during the pandemic with my daughter, and we were happy! Yep, Win.

      Then we came across these beautiful charcuterie boards. That sparked the flame, literally, we almost burned the house down 3 times, but after much research trial and error we were ready to go. With a local restaurant owner believing in us, shout out to Rick Lowe from Tremezzo Ristaurante for taking a chance us, we did it! Our first workshop was a success.

      Introducing Copper Hearts! We're all about crafting hand-scorched charcuterie boards, lazy Susan’s, serving boards, trays, and other fantastic wood products. Our workshops are where the real magic happens: There's something special about watching even the most skeptical guests create a beautiful piece they're proud to gift or display in their own home. We've also set up our classes with local businesses in mind bringing in new customers and designing the workshops so that guests have time to ordering from the menu or explore and shop.

      Because cooking every night is over rated and traveling is under rated, we have expanded our footprint from upstate Maine to New Jersey attending shows and bringing our workshops to associations, campgrounds, vacation homes, detox centers, veteran services and everything in between.

      Fast forward 3 years:

      I made a difficult decision to jump all in and leave the comfort of my job to pursue this full time and Melanie graduated, has a flexible part time job and is studying entrepreneurship and small business management. It has been the hardest thing we have ever done a true challenge mentally and physically but the end of the day we have found that this is just what we need. We created something that not only brings us joy but we are able to bring that to others and that is just awesome. 

      We invite you to purchase direct, join us in one of our upcoming workshops or schedule a private session at your place, office, or any of our awesome host venues. Experience the Copper Hearts magic firsthand and become part of our crafting community. Follow, like, and share the joy on our socials. Together, let's create something amazing and spread happiness far and wide.

      Thank you for joining us on our exciting journey. We can't wait to bring people together, inspire moments of happiness, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

      Kim Mytych

      Copper Hearts