Copper's Angels

You don't need to be a dog lover to fall in love with these eyes. Copper had this amazing ability to bring joy to so many, warm hearts and just make people smile. He would regularly wander over to join the neighborhood driveway wine club in hopes that in return for his love and affection, he would be rewarded with plenty of treats, cheese, and crackers. Copper would become a source of comfort as a neighbor adapts to his new dementia diagnosis. They would often sit on the lawn under the tree together as Copper would seem to listen to every word.  
In October 2021 Copper was struck by a car and made his way next to the railroad tracks. Soon the commuter train went by and spotted a dog in distress and reported it to local animal control. On his return route, the conductor noticed him still lying there and stopped the train. With the assistance of another, they carefully picked up my 100lb boy, put him on the train, and headed into North Station. Soon his wife would meet them in Boston and they desperately reach out to every overflowing animal hospital in the area, eventually making their way to the only available room in Hampstead, New Hampshire where they would bring him in and sit in the parking lot until we arrived.
Unfortunately due to the severity of his injuries, we had to make the extremely difficult decision to put him down. As we drove home we contacted the couple and learned of Copper's journey of his first and last train ride with this amazing man we only know as Rob. When asked, "Why would you stop a train for a dog you don't even know?" he said,  "I didn't care if I lost my job, I needed to make sure he was okay".
After all that we have been through over the last few years, I feel that somehow the compassion and ability to help others have been lost and this has truly restored my faith in humanity. Rob not only put his job in jeopardy but he spared my children and our small community the trauma of finding him in that condition. Copper was treated with the utmost kindness and respect that he truly deserved. Rob and his wife Jen, would not accept any money, gifts and wouldn't even give us a last name, just a simple "Thank You" is all.
After much thought of how to find the perfect way to pay this random act of kindness forward, we decided to rebrand to Copper Hearts, LLC. With this, we would include Copper's Angels, a place where we hope to inspire others to do good and feel good. 
  1. Every month a benefactor will be chosen. We will post the information on our social media and website.
  2. A portion of every sale combined with any other donations received will go towards that month's recipient. It will given in Rob and Jen's name asking that it be paid forward with a simple random act of kindness of their choice. 
  3. We are NOT a registered charity but if we are donating to a registered charity we will provide you with a link to donate directly through them if you choose.
  4. If you know of or are in need of a donation, please visit our Donation Request Link. We will review all request and to 


With every purchase a we will put aside a portion of that sale, and at the end of every month it will be combined with any other donations received giving those funds to the showcased benefactor.
Requests for donations can be submitted through the Donation Request tab